Lets Do This Right
Yanyan might or might not sleep over? :0

She said she was but then she said she’s going home at 12;; so hmm ?


Yaaa; gonna sleep byee!

So How was my day so faar?

Ok I was online for 3 hours. then i went to mcdonalds :p; then fashion q; payless; this other store nd rite aid. I’m really tired walking all day. Daaang; no ride was hard. 

I know the movie Lauren is gonna be in.

She’s gonna be in Sa’yo lamang movie w/ lorna nd bea. That means she’ll barely be in it. O well. <3 AJREN<3


Lauren Young is having a new movie from Star Cinema. Today’s their first shooting. I can’t wait to find out the cast nd Title!! OhMaayGosh; so nerve racking. Tita bhing said we could watch mamarazzi when it comes out on theatre. Yaaaay! Aj Perez gonna be in it. nd Aaron Villaflor is gonna play gay; good for him he’s horrible as a loveteam w/ lauren. Bahahahaaa! Ajren Forever<3

I watched Babe I love You.

HeyHey; I watched Babe i love you on Wednesday, 2 days ago! It was Graatee! Too bad there was barely any Aj Perez scenes. Nd he was w/ Nicole U. I don’t really like her. It’s AJREN forever<3


I forgot bout this. Bwahahhaa! Parents coming home from Vegas. I neeeda go to Seafood City to get my moviee!! <3 Babe I love You has Aj Perez; imma get that movie<33 Yaaay!

Aha! Long time no see(:

Haven’t been on tumblr for like ever. Oh well just an update. Byee((:  <333


Today was chill; we didn;t do anything but its only 4:45. We’re going to church then we’ll be home like at 9. Then stores will close! :[

Outta Town

I’m in Indio and about to go super target, ross, marshalls and shopping.!!!